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Old World Magick

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Alchemy Spell Candles

Our Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles are hand poured and loaded with magical intent. Each unique and exclusive creation encompasses a specific intent, each loaded with blessed herbs, powerful crystal gemstones, natural resins and more, specific to each intent. Made from all natural waxes, pure essential oils, essence oils, natural herbs and botanicals, pure cotton wick and free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space. Perfect for spell casting and ritual use. Each candle is witch blessed and charged. 

All of the Spell Candle and other Candle Offerings you will find here at White Magick Alchemy are all handmade right here in our candle studio. Each candle is then witch-blessed with sacred oils and herbs, then charged during the appropriate moon phase to enhance your magical workings ~

Be sure to check out our other Candle Sections for my uniquely designed Alchemy Spell Candles, Lucky Spirit Brand Candles, Sabbat Candles, Ritual Spell Vigil Lights Candles, Votives as well as the Medieval Candle Collection. Lots of other candles can also be found on our Other Unique Candle Offerings Section too.