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Old World Magick

Almandine Garnet "Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oil . Protection, Shielding Negativity

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Product Description

Almandine Garnet is the stone of romance, passion and protection. Almandine is also known as a powerful healing stone. Its power helps to shield and release negative energies sending negative energies back to where they originated from. In historic times, Garnets were set into shields, swords, armor and jewelry as the Garnet was revered as the "Stone of Protection". The Garnet is also a favorite of Faeries~!

The Almandine Garnet is also a protective energy stone which is especially effective for protection from evil. It is also often used for spiritual healing. The Garnet is commonly known as the stone for a successful business. If your business is not as good as it should be, place garnets on your desk, and improvement should be forthcoming. It also aids in a higher spiritual awareness and mental clarity helping to improve mental focus and strength.

White Magick Alchemy's "Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oils are made in the old Pagan tradition and can be used to anoint candles during spell and ritual workings, to anoint the body, for anointing tools for use in your oil burner and even used as a perfume.

Sacred oils, blessed herbs and magickal crystals, White Magick Alchemy uses only the finest and purest ingredients to create all of our magickal offerings. With sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, aromatic pure essential oils of Violet, Rose, Birch and Sandalwood with all-natural organic herbs of Heather and Hibiscus, this unique and exclusive blend is then charged with Garnets, magically charged and witch blessed, created under the moon to lend power and strength to your workings. Garnets contain aluminum which may be toxic which is why I choose to charge the herbs with Garnet and not contain the stone within the oil. 

This little bottle contains approx 3 ml of Almandine Garnet Oil and is good for several uses. A little goes a long way so use sparingly. Can be used as personal anointing oil

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