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Old World Magick

Belladonna "Alchemist Tree" Ritual Oil . Astral Projection, Vision and Spirit Workings, Banishing, Dark Magic, Goddess Hekate

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Product Description

The history of Belladonna is one of mystery, used in ancient old magic as a key nightshade ingredient in medieval flying ointments. Stories of witches flying on broomsticks is in actuality just that, folklore. The poisonous herbs used in these aged old flying ointments, poppies of deadly nightshades, Henbane, Belladonna and others, induced hallucinations, impaired vision, a loss of balance, staggering, shapeshifting and a feeling of flight. Once the ointments were absorbed into the skin, these hallucinations became real to those who experienced the trip.

In todays world of modern magic, these deadly and toxic herbs are no longer used in witches flying ointments, rather safer herbs and oils which mimic the “feeling” are utilized. Astral Projection, is the experience of leaving your physical body and rising up to the astral plane, and it is this “out-of-body” experience, this astral travel, which allows us to propel within the consciousness’ allowing spiritual travel in a meditative dreamstate.

This Belladonna Oil is made from a completely safe and harmless oil which can be used in your ritual and spell workings involving astral projection, vision works, spirit workings, banishing spells, dark magic and in workings with the Goddess Hekate.

White Magick Alchemy Ritual Oils are made in the old Pagan tradition and can be used to anoint candles during spell and ritual work, to anoint the body, for anointing tools or burned in an oil burner. My ritual oils are wonderful used as natural perfume and to heighten spell workings.

Created with all natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, aromatic pure essential oils, all natural herbs and gemstones along with a special blend of white magick. All of my ritual oils are made under the moon for an additional charge during your spell work.

This little bottle contains approx 3 ml of Belladonna Ritual Oil good for several uses. A little goes a long way so use sparingly. Can be used as personal anointing oil. I don’t have any problems wearing it, but test a bit first and do not use if you have a reaction to it.

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