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Old World Magick

Witches Magick Invoking Power Pillar Candle 2x3 . Success, Empowerment, Psychic and Spiritual Workings, Cone of Power

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Product Description

The Witches Magic Candle is used for sacred ceremony and ritual. Witches have used candles for centuries and they have a long and interesting history in religious worship, magic and folklore. They light the way to the sacred, they dispel the forces of darkness, they are associated with ghosts and the dead, they can find buried treasure, and they play a role in incubated dreaming.

As part of the preparation for casting a spell, rub the candle with anointing oil while concentrating on the purpose of the spell. The formula of the oil will be determined by the purpose of the spell. Or, write a spell on a candle and then burn it. Candle is adorned with a pentacle charm.

The candle is scented with a unique earthy fragrance called "Haunted Rain Storm". The scent is reminiscent of a heavy lightning and rain storm releasing the aromas of the soft musky earth. The size is approx 2x3 inches. Burn time is around 45 hours if burned according to the burning instructions. The longer a candle is burned, the more life you will get out of it.

If you prefer, I can make this candle unscented so you can annoint with your favorite ritual oil. Just message me before placing your order. Also, as I made these candles, I charged them with white magick so if you are planning to use for Black Arts, I ask that you refrain from doing so. The white magick energy will interfere with the end result. More importantly, thats not the purpose of this candle. I only create positive white forces and I hope you will do the same.

My lovely altar on which the candle is placed upon is handmade by Dragon Oak. He makes beautiful altars and this one he made especially for me. He's here on etsy so check out his stuff at dragonoak. He's got some amazing wares and does custom design work. He'll be glad you stopped by!

You might want to check out some of my ritual oils, made with pure essential oils, made under the moonlit night. Ideal for adding extra charge to your spell work and for anointing my Witches Magick Candles.

Size: 2x3 pillar
Burn TIme: 45 hours
Fragrance: Haunted Rain Storm
Color: Deep Purple

Gothic pewter pillar stand sold separately.

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