Amazonite Tumbled Gemstones Large


Amazonite is a stone of courage and strength. Worn in ancient times by Amazonian Warrior Women, the stone represents Divine Moon energy and feminine power, hence its name. In Egypt, Amazonite was considered a holy stone.

This beautiful and ancient stone is a stone of confidence, understanding, integrity, honesty, truth and self respect. Amazonite's soothing energy helps to reduce self damaging behaviors. It helps heal emotional disturbances and the after effects of emotional trauma. It balances both male and female energies, helping you receive inspiration from the heart then motivating you to take action on your inspired thoughts.

Amazonite stimulates the artistic and creative energies in the one who holds this stone. It is said that it may rid you of any meanness, greed and selfishness, while simultaneously creating tolerance, patience and balance within.

Amazonite is also a stone of luck. Abundance, success, business and money workings will be enhanced with this stone. Love will be in abundance when Amazonite is utilized in Love Spells and worn upon the body. Because of its magical powers that make the wearing feel empowered with strength and confidence, this may be the reason why Amazonite is so useful for love and attraction. Often used in foretelling works such as tarot and rune readings, it stimulates the powers of clairvoyance. And like Malachite, this stone is one of the few stones that will clear, balance and activate ALL the Chakras.

Each tumbled gemstone measures approx 1" x 1" - Beautiful stones!

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