Banishing Vinegar . Ultra Powerful Potion for Banishing Negative Energies, Spiritual Disturbances, Negative People and Protection


Four Thieves Vinegar dates back to the 15th century, perhaps even the 14th, and has been used in hoodoo rootwork and magic as a powerful tool to dispel negative energies, drive away evil and protection from psychic attacks brought about by magic. The potion is used to strengthen you and weaken the enemy and provides protection against all kinds of negative forces.

This Banishing Vinegar is an ultra powerful potion, charged under the waning moon, the best time for casting out and banishing. The vinegar was then set under the new or dark moon for one night to strengthen its power to allow for rejuvenation and new beginnings. This ultra powerful potion is charged to vanquish any negativity that may be surrounding you or your home. Spiritual disturbances? Perhaps someone is causing harm to you, spreading their toxic energy all over you... just lingering bad energy.... you want it gone? Then this is the stuff. 

Use the vinegar to clean door knobs so that negative energies are cleansed and new negativity is halted before it can get into your sacred space. Wash window sills, hands, sprinkle at entryways for protection, add to a bucket of water as a floor wash, cars, offices, its uses are endless. Write your intent or a spell on paper, soak it in the vinegar, then bury it or burn it. Use it to "wash your hands" of bad people, an ex that won't stop bugging you, enemies, people who are draining your energy. Use for cleansing rituals of all kinds, home blessing and clearing rituals, cleanse gemstones and crystals, ritual tools.

This ultra powerful Banishing Vinegar potion contains vervain, garlic, caraway, sage, ground coffee, lavender, lemon peel, orange peel, peppercorns, cracked pepper and rosemary. Depending upon the strength of the negativity, you can always try the traditional Four Thieves Vinegar listed here in the shoppe. 

3.5 ounces in a darling corked bottle ~

Do not ingest and always keep magical potions and what not, away from children and pets. Please read our disclaimer under our Shop Polices for more detailed information.

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