Between the Worlds . Sparkling Spells Casting Powders . Samhain. Spirit/Ancestral Connections, Seance, Breaking thru the Veil, Divination


If you have never used White Magick Alchemy Sparkling Spells Casting Powders, Samhain Eve is the perfect time to incorporate them into your ritual. They are like nothing you have ever seen before or used! This years Samhain formulation includes a proprietary blending of ingredients from my personal grimoire.

"Between the Worlds" Sparkling Spells Casting Powders are a blend of sacred oils, organic herbs, resins, and focused intent, bound together with secret, alchemical ingredients that will send a firey display upward from your cauldron, thus releasing your intent and providing a guiding lighted glow to summon your ancestral spirits. A truly unique magickal tool that I'm sure you and your loved ones will enjoy on this most magical and important nights of the year or any night when doing otherworldly path workings. "Between the Worlds" Sparkling Spells Casting Powders have been created and blessed under the full moon. And of course, charged with white magick for protection.

Sparkling Spells Casting Powders are safe and recommended for use in a cast iron cauldron. Do not get close to your cauldron or move powders around after they are cast. Place on a well prepared charcoal disk (also available at the White Magick Shoppe under Magickal Tools) and watch a fiery display of sparks and fire emit from your cauldron calling your spirits home. Keep children and pets at bay and do not ingest. Always keep your magickal potions and tools away in a safe place away from children and pets. Full instructions are included. A jumbo 1oz bottle this year! Let the party commence!

For more spell casting fun, try my Magic Flash Sparkling Spell Paper! Write your intention on the spell paper, cast into a prepared cauldron, thus your spell is released into the universe. A wonderful addition to ritual and spell workings.

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