Black Handled Medieval Renaissance Athame 12-1/2"

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Designed so that it can be carried against the body within its leather sheath, this cool Black Medieval Renaissance Athame is finely crafted with a simple high polished brass pommel, Slate Heartwood grip, and a perfectly balanced, dual edged blade. Made to last a lifetime and ready to be put into magical service. Measures 12-1/2" inches.  

The Athame is a essential tool and an important element to ritual magic. Taking the form of a ritual knife, sword or daggar, the Athame is used to channel and direct energies and is often used to cast circles for ritual workings. The Athame (pronounced ah-thah-may), represents the element of Air as well as the element of Fire due to its masculine, phallic symbolism. The Athame represents the masculine aspect as the cauldron or chalice represents the feminine. It is the symbol of magical will and life force. It is used to cut through and direct energy, but not on the physical plane. Most Witches will have a second knife known as the Boline, a white handled knife used for cutting herbs or carving symbols.
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