Black Hat Society Witches Candles for Witches Gatherings


The Black Pointed Hat has always been associated with witches, but in essence, conical hats have been worn since the ancient Bronze Age by both women and men alike. Back in the 1980’s, many witches throughout the lands decided to “take the hat back” hence, the Black Hat Society was born. Witches would gather in public or for tea at various places wearing their black pointed hats! It was quite fun for the witches to see how people would react to their groups.

Celebrate being a witch with our Black Hat Society Candles! Scented with our Witches Gathering essence, a bakery fusion of Vanilla Caramel and Mocha Lemon Cake with Coffee, Anise and Fennel, gather round and start your own Black Hat Society! You're gonna LOVE this essence of this seasonal favorite. Each candle is adorned with drips and a silver hat charm. Available this year in 2x3 size only.

Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away from children and pets.

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