Black Obsidian Heart Pendants with Gold Sheen for Defecting Negative Energies, Stress, Peace, Change, Growth & Karma

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I absolutely adore Black Obsidian, especially when its filled with sparkling gold sheen! Gold Sheen Obsidian is also called the “wizard stone” because it has been used since ancient times in many magical practices. Polished Obsidian mirrors were used for scrying and Nostradamus, it is said, used a Black Obsidian sphere for scrying.

Absolutely beautiful and shimmering with an abundance of gold sheen, these little heart shaped pendants are the perfect way to keep the energy of this powerful stone with you throughout the day. Gold Sheen Obsidian is a very grounding and centering stone. Quite effective when carried or utilized during protection spells or rituals. By grounding spiritual energy in the physical plane, this stone then allows one to connect the mind and emotions. Absorbing and destroying negative energies, cleaning the subconscious of any blockages one may have, the stone brings peace and calm to mind, body and spirit, and is a wonderful stone to help you release your own stress and anxiety.

Obsidian may be quite difficult to use if one is not fully and completely prepared to face both sides of one’s reality, the negative as well as the positive. Gold Sheen Black Obsidian will energize spiritual forces to help guide one on their way to awareness. Easily opening and connecting with the 1st Base Chakra, it will allow one to face current and present challenges as well as past life lessons that are yet to be learned. Working through the Chakras, Obsidian often activates the 6th Third Eye/Brow Chakra in conjunction with the necessary processing of past life karma, so please use caution. Be ready to accept what is to be revealed.

Obsidian is a stone of change and growth and is a powerful gemstone that radiates positive loving energies. The stone has a long ancient history of being used in shamanic healing and is an excellent stone for divination, gazing and scrying as it's black color lends itself for seeking insight. Obsidian said to be a very powerful stone, reminding one that birth and death are simultaneous and constantly present, not as one with the other, but always as one. Obsidian has been associated with guardian spirits for as far back as ancient lore provides. Said to watch over one, protect, and connect to protection on all levels of experience.

Gold Sheen Heart Shaped pendants hang on a silver bail and an 18" silver chain.

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1 Review

Michelle 2nd Jul 2018

Love this pendant

I love this pendant, helps me feel very centered, which is awesome. I actually bought another online on Amazon, thinking I would get the same result. Maybe it is in my head, but I didn't feel as centered with that pendant as much as I feel with this pendant...did you guys bless it before you sen it to me?

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