Charoite Gemstone Tumbled . Stress Anxiety, Panic, Blood Pressure, Insomnia

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Have you ever heard of Charoite? If you haven't, you should know about its powerful energy!

Charoite was recently discovered in Russia in 1978 in the Murun mountains in Yakutia, to date, this the only known location for this rare mineral. The name Charoite is derived from the Chary River which is near where it was found.

This is one of my favorite gemstones. Charoite is known as a 'stone of transformation' as well as a stone of power. In particular, it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings and aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. As a part of the transformation process it allows release of those negative emotions, so one can change and move forward.

Charoite is also known as a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual growth and showing new possibilities in even the oldest situations. This is a stone that allows one to see clearly which brings with it enhanced self-esteem and helps release one from many victimizations. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and worry and brings about a relaxed attitude. It overcomes compulsions and obsessions and opens and balances the crown chakra.

It transmutes negative energy into healing and converts disease into wellness. Heals blood pressure, liver damage, alleviates cramps, aches, pains, and helps greatly with insomnia. It also helps with autism and bipolar conditions, relaxing and calming the mind. An amazing stone to calm panic attacks.

Charoite is known to enhance or bring courage, inner strength or appropriate assertiveness. In the psychic realm it is used for entity release and rescue work, as well as clairvoyance and prophesy.

Each beautiful Charoite gemstone is a beautiful purple color with swirls of dark purple, light orchid and creamy white. Sizes and color depth vary between each stone, and they are absolutely beautiful and magical unique ~ Size is approx 1 inch more more less.

Charoite is truly a magickal healing stone... you will LOVE this energy!!!

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1 Review

8th Nov 2011

Amazing energy

Great energy when you hold it!

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