Copper Ritual Offering Bowls

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This beautiful and useful Copper Bowl harnesses simple Old World styling reminiscent of medieval times. Fill with herbs, flowers and crystals and use as an sacred ritual offering bowl. Or place some sand or small rocks inside to protect the bottom and use resin upon charcoal, incense sticks or cones. The perfect smudge pot! For all manner of ritual use including a vessel for liquid. Measures 6" wide and 2.5 high. Made from solid copper. 

Fill your bowl with a sacred herbal offering! Our Daily Herbal Blend is blended fresh each morning here at the White Magick Alchemy studio and is made with an abundance of fresh all-organic, aromatic herbs, flowers, petals, roots & woods and more. The herbal fusion is then blessed and charged, and then....we begin our day. Available here in the shop. * Herbal blend in bowl is not included in this listing



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