Round Hearth Broom ~ Mini Witches Besom ~ Black


This handcrafted broom is about the same length as standard fireplace tools, so it will hang on an existing rack. It is sewn in the flat style. It is approx. 30 inches in length. Made of 100% broomcorn and kiln dried hardwoods, it is a far superior brush fiber for the hearth than the synthetic fiber used on most fireplace sets today. It is the same length as standard fireplace tools, so it will hang on an existing rack. This hearth broom is sewn in the flat or shaker style.

Our brooms are made of 100% organic materials. Every step is done by hand, from harvesting and preparing the raw materials to the finished piece. Before the arrival of the commercial broom company, with a very practical flat (Shaker) broom, brooms were sown round and usually left untrimmed, as it required no special equipment to do this. Local craftsmen might make an annual batch of besoms, made of the local materials, which were indigenous to the area and sell or trade them in the local village. This is the “old world” style of broom.

The brush fiber is made of only the highest quality 100% broomcorn. The handles are kiln-dried hardwoods from the Ozark Mountains. The raw materials, tools and techniques used date back hundreds of years. A balance between function, décor and the sacred is our purpose. 

Hearth brooms/min besoms are available in natural (summer), black (winter), rust (spring), or Mixed (fall) colors of broomcorn.

Because of the hand crafted nature of these beautiful brooms, there will be some variance in your delivered item from the representative photo images.

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