Dark Star Pentacle Candle . Dark, New and Waning Moon Magic


During the dark moon, there is reflection, but by the stars, veiled by the passage of time. 

Black is a color of the mysterious and divine sacred feminine. Hidden realms and ancient knowledge lie beyond the sacred flame. This divinely dark scented Dark Star Pillar Candle has been infused with essences of the waning and dark moon and moon charged on our outdoor altar of crystals and candles. A beautifully charged and witch blessed candle for Dark and New Moon workings. Use during the waning moon too, or simply burn to enjoy its magically infused essence. 

Enhance intuition during Dark Moon workings and burn to illuminate the blackened night. Power up spells and magic involving protection and crone magick. Reverse bad luck, curses and baneful energies including those with evil eye and transmuted envy, reversing and binding.

Each Dark Star Candle burns approximately 60 hours and is scented with deep and dark magickal essences. Made from all natural wax, pure essential oils, essence oils, natural herbs and botanicals, pure cotton wick and free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space and out of doors. Adorned with a lovely high quality Silver Pentacle Pendant Charm which can be strung on a cord after the candle has burned and worn as a pendant.

Fragrance Description: Warm Sandalwood & Musk
Size: 2.5x6 Star Pillar
Burn Time: Approx 60 Hours
Color: Night Black

Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away from children and pets ~

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