Faerie Orb with Forest, Spanish and Reindeer Moss . Faerie Gardens . Magical Garden Decor


This darling Faerie Orb is perfect for hanging in the garden or even indoors! Each orb measures approx 5 inches round with big opening for re-arranging and creating new scenes inside. Hangs from a glass eyelet hook with a silky satin ribbon. A pretty arrangement of Forest, Spanish and Reindeer Moss sits inside and is included. The bottom is flat which allows for the orb to be placed on a table or mantle.

It has long been written that the gift of Faerie sight is very rare indeed. For with it, you will find your healing powers enhanced, your divination more accurate, and your ability to see into the otherworld stronger than ever before.

Faeries are mysterious and magickal winged little creatures who enjoy frolicking, dancing and playing amidst enchanted flowering gardens. Gaze upon the iridescent shimmer of the Faerie Wing, engage in their charms, and take flight amongst the wonderment and merriment that lies within the Faerie Worlds.

If you would like a specific color for the ribbon, please specify in message upon checkout ~

An enchanting addition to any sacred space and even the kids room ~

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