Fires of Beltane Sacred Smudge & Bonfire Casting Herbs


Fires of Beltane Sacred Smudging and Casting Herbs is a witch-blessed blend of Nine Sacred Woods, Calendula, Mugwort and Rose. Use as a smudge to prepare and clear your sacred space for divination workings, protection, cleansing and purification. And/or cast the herbs into your Beltane bonfire as an offering to the Goddess and God, as a personal offering marking renewal and growth, and as pledge for a abundance and a bountiful harvest ahead. A large 16 ounce jumbo jar is packed full of casting herbs. Just grab a handful and throw it right into your Beltane bonfire!

Beltane, celebrated May 1st kicks off the merry month of May! This fire festival is celebrated with bonfires, feasting, dancing around the Maypole and lots of sexual energy. Also known as Mayday, this sabbat is a time of sacred fertility. The Goddess and the God perform the Great Rite, sacred sexuality, making the land lush and green. Because Maypoles represent the phallic symbol, they are erected into the ground and danced around to celebrate the masculine aspect of the Sabbat. Many Pagans also use a cauldron in their Maypole celebrations symbolizing the womb of the Goddess. 

Celebrations begin the eve before Beltane, and the lighting of bonfires would continue throughout the night. The Beltane Bonfire represents the return of the light as the days lengthen and summer begins its journey upon the earth. Renewal and purification rites are performed by jumping the bonfire

Celebrating abundance and fertility, Beltane is also known as the Festival of Flowers. The appearance of flowers around this time of year heralds the beginning of summer and shows us that the fae are hard at work. Opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, Beltane is also the time when the veil between the worlds is thin which allows for divination workings and divining answers with the guidance of nature spirits. 

An abundance of Sacred Smudge and Casting Herbs ready to cast into your Beltane bonfire! Packaged in an air-tight container, available in 8 ounce and 16 ounce sizes.

Use caution when burning around children and pets. 

Beltane Blessings!~

* Cauldron pictured is not included ~

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