*Fluorite Octahedron Polished Gemstones for Releasing Stress, Anxiety, Protection

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Fluorite is such a familiar stone for me personally. I tend to always have a piece of this colorful gem around me, on my altar, desk, or in my pocket. It's color consists of beautiful translucent purples and greens with showers of crystally clear shimmering white. I love the feel of this powerful manifestation stone and what I particularly like about Fluorite is that it absorbs negative energies in and around you. It's the perfect protection stone. Some of Fluorite's other magical and healing properties include strength, calming, peace, healing, dealings with relationships, mental clarity. concentration, creativity, protection, cleansing, absorbing negative energy and auric meditation.
Hold Fluorite whenever you feel stressed, and you'll feel your troubles slipping away from you like magic! You can feel it unveil subconscious blocks and bring out creativity too.
These pretty highly polished Fluorite Octahedrons are available in an array of sizes. Each unique stone has been hand selected before making its journey to you. Meaning, we don't purchase any of our gemstones and crystals without examining and holding each stone before we choose it to pass onto you. These are magical Fluorite stones in a unique Octahedron shape.
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