Fluorite Slab Polished Large Flat Stones with BLUE Purple, Green, Gorgeous


These gorgeous colorful Fluorite Slabs are shimmering with rainbows and color! I just found these and hand chose each piece myself for you. Perfectly polished, you will love the feel of these beauties in your hands. They just feel good! A lot of these have that rare blue that is hard to find in Fluorite.

Fluorite is such a familiar stone for me personally. I tend to always have a piece of this colorful gem around me, on my altar, on my desk, or in my pocket. It's color consists of beautiful translucent purples and greens with showers of crystally clear shimmering white. I love the feel of this powerful manifestation stone and what I particularly like about Fluorite is that it absorbs negative energies in and around you. It's the perfect protection stone. Some of Fluorite's other magical and healing properties include strength, calming, peace, healing, dealings with relationships, mental clarity. concentration, creativity, protection, cleansing, absorbing negative energy and auric meditation.

Each Fluorite Slab is pretty heavy and measures approx 2.5" to 3" and has a unique shape encompassing a rainbow of color.

Please feel free to specify your color choice. We would be happy to try to accommodate your request. 


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