Glass Votive Candle Cups . Premium Recycled Heavy Duty Glass

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These colorful and heavy duty glass votive candle cups are made from premium recycled glass (we love recycled), and come in an array of springtime and summer colors. Each votive cup measures 2-1/4” and is 2-1/2 inches wide! The openings are 2” to pop your favorite WMA scented votive candles right inside. 
Perfect for placing around your sacred space, altar areas, indoors or outdoors. Personally, I can never have enough votive candles around especially when entertaining, which I love to do. Ditch the patio light and create a magical ambiance! 
These cups are super safe and won’t break. Each votive cup is 1/4” thick! Thinner votive cups can shatter especially with a hot continuous flame. 
Also, need votive candles for your cups? Check out our Votive Candle section! We hand pour all our own candles and each batch is handmade to order to insure that your candles are fresh right out of the mold.


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