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Gruss Vom Krampus (Greetings from Krampus)

In European folklore, the Krampus is Nikolaus’s dark servant. A hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps.

Krampus terrorized the bad until they promised to be good. Some he spanked, others he whipped. And some he shackled, stuffed into his large wooden basket, carted away, and hurled them into the flames of hell.

As Nikolaus traveled door to door doling out treats and gifts to those who had been good all year long, those who behaved badly are dealt with by the Krampus.

Our new Krampus Pillar Candles embrace that old world folklore, reminding us that is it always better to be good than bad. Krampus candles can also be used for spells and ritual workings involving change and transformation. Perhaps you know someone who has misbehaved or wronged you and others. Say a prayer for the evil-doer in your life, lighting their way to enlightenment. Or maybe just give a Krampus pillar candle to someone who needs to be reminded that sending good positive energy into the universe is the best way to go! And bad, well bad…. is just plain bad. No one wants Krampus to pay them a visit.

Each Krampus candle is scented with dark essences of amber, sandalwood and dragons blood. Made from all natural wax, pure essential oils, essence oils, pure cotton wick and free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. I always use a high amount of oils to ensure a high scent throw while lit or not lit placed within your sacred space. 

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Color: Deep Krampus Red
Fragrance Description: Amber Sandalwood & Dragons Blood

Gruss Vom Krampus (Greetings from Krampus)

Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away from children and pets.

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