Lepidolite Ultra Mica Sphere Special from my Personal Collection

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This beautiful Lepidolite Ultra Mica Sphere has been in my personal collection for close to 15 years. Its been a very special piece to me and if you're a Lepidolite collector, you're going to adore this sparkling piece. Filled with mica, which drew me to this piece when we first met, there's just something really cool about this particular Lepidolite material. And of course it being a sphere, it makes it even more of a cooler piece. I purchased her from cat at Lucky Mojo, that's right! This magical Lepidolite Mica Sphere measures 2.75" in diameter. I hope you love her as much as I do! She will be missed, but as my crystal collection grows, I feel I just need to pass some of these unique pieces on for others to harness and enjoy - I will include a wooden stand.

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