Litha Midsummers Night Magic Glass Vigil Candle . Summer Solstice, Midsummer Magic


Litha Midsummers Night Magic Vigil Candles are perfect for celebrating the Summer Solstice, the balance between dark and light, light and life. Litha, June 21st, marks the Summer Solstice and is the longest and lightest day of the entire year. Light and life are in great abundance as the sun god reaches his moment of great strength. Traditionally, witches harvest their herbs on the Summer Solstice as the herbs magical powers are heightened and the strongest on this day.

This years Litha Vigil Lights are scented with summer florals, sugar and incense. Hand poured and drenched with essence, each candle is sprinkled with my witch blessed Midsummers herbal blend then sprinkled with Quartz and Carnelian crystals, adorned with hand-dyed ribbon with colors that represent the the life bringing energy of the season.

Each candle burns approx 80 hours. Made from all natural wax, natural botanicals and pure cotton wick, free from harmful additives, animal and poly based products. Perfect for spell casting and ritual use. You might also want to add a corresponding spell ritual oil to strengthen you in your magical workings.

Fragrance Description: Summer Florals, Sugar & Incense
Each candle measures 6 inches tall and 2.25 round

These types of glass jar candles are meant to be burned continuously or for extended periods of time, thus earning them name "Vigil Lights". They can be extinguished and re-lit daily as safety reminds is to never leave burning candles unattended.

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