Litha Midsummers Night Ritual Kit . With Candle Wheel, Sacred Woods and Herbs, Ritual Oil, Cast Iron Cauldron, Charcoal, Ritual Scroll . Summer Solstice, Midsummer Celebrations and Rituals.


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate Litha on June 21st. This day marks the Summer Solstice and is the longest day of the year. Light and life are in great abundance and the Sun God reaches his moment of greatest strength. It is the traditional time for Witches to harvest their magical herbs because their magical powers are strongest on this day.

This is a wonderful time to start empowering your family meals with spells and energy by spiritually infusing your meals with magical intent. Outdoors or indoors, work with herbs and kitchen witch tools to empower your foods with the magic of health, healing, protection, abundance and most of all, love.

The Litha Sabbat rite is usually performed outside in nature, however any magical place or gathering is suitable, wherever you feel most comfortable. Many congregate at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England on this day to watch the Sun rise. You, too, can set your alarm clock to greet the Sun as He rises in the sky on morning of Litha.

A fire is lit in honor of solar deities and the sun. Jumping through the flames is a common practice, and will purify and renew your energy. This is a very good time for performing any type of magickal work, especially love or healing magick. And of course, Litha is a time honored season for handfasting as seen by the popularity of weddings throughout the month of June. And a time for welcoming the Fae with offerings of sweet treats, fruits and shimmering gifts.

This beautiful handmade Midsummer Nights Eve Ritual Kit has an abundance of ritual goodies to celebrate Litha:

5 Golden Sun Votive Candles scented with Lemon, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Sweet Cream representing the Golden Solar Wheel and the life bringing energy of the celebrated Gods of the season

One ounce packages of Summer Solstice Litha Blend which includes a sweet sunny fragrant mix of organic Midsummer flowers, summer fruits herbs and woods

One ounce package of Midsummer Sparkling Cauldron Bonfire Blend for empowerment, fertility, strength and growth to cast into your bonfire ritual or create a mini bonfire right in the cauldron! For a fiery display of magick, I've added a pinch of my magick igniting potion for an extra punch to help get the fire started and add a fiery display to your bonfire (please use caution when using this, especially in the cauldron, stand clear and keep away from children and pets at all times). 

One corked glass bottle of Midsummers Nights Eve Golden Solar Wheel Anointing and Perfume Oil 

One Small Black Cast Iron Cauldron

One Charcoal Disk

Ritual Scroll

The kit comes packaged and delivered to you in a Purple Box tied with ribbons representing the colors of the sun and this Sabbt ~ 

* Cauldron pictured comes with this kit, but we do have a kit available without the cauldron as well ~

It is important to note that in the Southern Hemisphere it is the time for Yule, or Winter Solstice, and we want to wish our friends on the opposite side of the globe a very blessed holiday season!

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this point on the Wheel of the Year marks the time that the days begin to grow shorter. 

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