Lodestones Natural Gemstone XL Jumbo . Money & Success


Lodestones have long been associated with the lore of attraction and considered by many as a magical stone. Lodestones are natural magnets and are used in all sorts of spells, primarily to attract certain conditions toward you. Lodestones are traditionally fed with magnetic sand during ritual spell workings and placed upon your prosperity altar during abundance workings.

Carry your Lodestone as a good luck charm, use it in ritual spells or keep one in your home. Lodestones can be carried in a charm/mojo bag with other stones to add additional power to those stones.

Here are just some of the powers attributed to the Lodestone and how these magical stones have been used through out the ages: Love, Attraction, Business Success, Protection & Healing

You can feed Lodestones with Lodestone Crystals during spells and rituals.

You will receive 1 extra large sized Lodestone, each measuring approximately almost 1.5 inches large and approx .5 inch thick. These are wonderful large Lodestones.

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