Optical Calcite / Viking Sunstone, Super Clear Iceland Spar for Doubling Power

These translucent Optical Calcite stones, also known as the Viking Sunstone, are almost crystal clear with inclusions including some rainbow inclusions. Calcite has the unique optical quality of double refraction. If you draw a line on a piece of paper, then place a piece of Optical Calcite over the line, when you look through the stone, the line will appear to be doubled. This property is what allows this stone to be used in spells to "double power”. It is placed upon the altar or worn during magical ritual spell workings for this very purpose. Optical Calcite in general is said to amplify and raise energy. It is a protecting, purifying, grounding and centering gem that can assist in bringing inner peace.
The Sunstone is a type of mineral attested in several 13th and 14th century written sources in Iceland that describes that these special crystals were used to navigate and locate the sun in overcast and adverse conditions. A theory exists that the Sunstone had polarizing attributes and was used as a navigation instrument by seafarers in the Viking Age.
These powerful Optical Calcite Sunstones measure approx 1.25" to 1.5” x 1” and are approx 1/2” inch thick and vary in length and size. The stone is natural and slightly polished. I absolutely love this magical Sunstone and I will handpick one for you that will simply adore. These are super clear, the best in the lot.
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