Ostara Ritual Set for New Beginnings, Fertility, Abundance, Spring Equinox


A beautiful ritual set for Ostara welcoming new life and new beginnings. Ostara, also known as the Vernal or Spring Equinox, celebrates the birth of spring, as the appearance of spring blossoms begin to hail life stirring within the Mother Earth after a long winter. Now is the time to embrace new beginnings, hopes, and new relationships. Spring forward!

The festival of Eostre (pronounced EES-tra), the lighthearted Anglo-Saxon Goddess, invokes the balance between light days and dark nights. Associated with the Christian Easter holiday, which was modeled after the pagan celebration, Ostara is known as a time of fertility, abundance, and the birth of new spring animals such as lambs and rabbits. On this sacred day, witches light new fires at sunrise and rejoice as the festivities begin. Old world pagan traditions include the ringing of bells, decorating hard-boiled eggs in an array of colorful spring colors, and blessing seeds for spring plantings.

This years 2018 Ostara Altar Set is packed full of beautiful spring incenses, candles & essences you are sure to love, with a beautiful centerpiece candle featuring a new essence for spring. This boxed set includes:

- Ostara Hare Pillar Candle with Grapefruit, Tangerine and Lemon Zest, with floral notes of Orchid and Freesia, green notes of Lemongrass and top notes of Vanilla Sugar topped with Diamond Dust. A lot going on in this essence and I guarantee you will absolutely love it! - 2x3 Orchid Pillar - Burn Time: 40 hours

- Sugared Crystal Petals Ostara Crystal Gemstone Incense - Hand blended - 1/2 ounce

- Ostara Easter Egg Candle - As it burns a yellow yoke appears!

- Ostara Crystal Petals Ritual Perfume Oil - 1/2 ounce

- Rose Quartz Palm Stone (stones may vary)

- Charcoal Disk for burning incense

- Beautifully presented boxed with ribbons - with love and care

Created to embrace our traditions and pagan heritage, never forgetting the ritual and the ways in which we celebrate the many magical holidays.

Ostara Blessings to you & yours -

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