Quartz Crystal Ball Large 4" - Serious WOW Factor


If you are looking for that special Quartz piece, this is it! This amazing premium natural Quartz Crystal Ball measures 4" in diameter and is the perfect altar centerpiece. Quartz, a fire and water element, raises energy to its highest level and is known as the ultimate power stone, as well, the "Universal Crystal".

Quartz is the ultimate "anything stone" as it radiates all of the color vibrations within the spectrum of light and can be utilized and programmed for any use which brings light into our spiritual bodies. A "stone of the mind", Quartz can be used to imprint with any energy. It helps us to focus the mind, helps with concentration, and enhances mental abilities. Crystal Quartz is a power stone that harmonizes and balances. Pretty much a must have for any intuitive worker, altar and/or sacred space. It enhances energy and thoughts and is used for meditation, channeling, spiritual growth, healing, protection, the list goes on. Pick and intention! Quartz is your go-to stone for practically anything. Historically Quartz has been used to counter black magic, and to communicate with spirits, reaching out beyond the veils edge.

This is a gorgeous OOAK (one of a kind piece), available now in the shop. Large sphere measures 4" in diameter. You will LOVE!

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