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ONLY AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA. Sorry, but live plants cannot be shipped internationally out of the United States of America. Please carefully read this listing in its entirety before placing your international order.

Ready for some kissing? We harvested our own Mistletoe this year honoring the sacred beliefs of the ancient Druids. Fresh live Mistletoe, harvested from the Sierra Mountains, California, we made sure it never touched the ground for good luck!

Mistletoe is well known as the lovers branch. Kiss your lover under the Mistletoe and you will always stay deeply in love. An herb of protection, Mistletoe burned during ritual will banish evil. The herb also protects against misfortune, sickness, and placed around a cradle or bed will protect children from being stolen by faeries.

The Druids revered Mistletoe as a magical herb, found high within the branches of the sacred oak. Traditionally harvested on a midsummer's day, Mistletoe wasn't allowed to touch the ground as it was believed that if it did, bad luck and misfortune would befall. Mistletoe can be used in spell workings and rituals for psychic vision, love, fertility, consecration, healing and banishing negative energies, spiritual or otherwise.

Listing is for one large, fresh, live, hand-picked Mistletoe sprigs tied with a satin ribbon. Last year we made them with Cedar which didn't fare so well during shipping. This year I'm making it easy! Just fresh live magical Mistletoe -

CAUTION: Not to be taken internally. We removed the berries as they can be toxic and poisonous to humans and animals. Wash your hands thoroughly after you hang it as Mistletoe is actually a fungus. Mistletoe leaves should not be eaten or taken internally as it can be slightly toxic.

Since the listing informs you that Mistletoe cannot be shipped out of the USA, if an international order is placed and I have to take my time to refund, there will be a $3.00 service fee for refunding your purchase. That $3.00 service fee will be deducted from your refund amount. Sorry, we just have a lot to do and it takes time to process refunds.

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