Sacred Daily Herbal Blend . A Fresh Blend of Herbs, Flowers, Woods & More Crafted Daily at our Shop - With Fresh Sonoma Lavender


Every morning here at the White Magick Alchemy magic studio, a huge magical herbal mix is blended in our big wooden bowl filled with an abundance of fresh all-organic, aromatic herbs, flowers, petals, roots & woods and more. The herbal fusion is then blessed and charged, and then....we begin our day. 

We call it our Daily Herbal Blend. This is the herbal mix you may have received as a gift with your order. Everyday the blend changes, and each batch is exquisite. Its this giant cornucopia of magical beauty! And its a wonderful way to start the day and then share that creation with you.

This huge beautifully recycled Italian glass vessel is first filled with fresh aromatic Lavender harvested locally here in the beautiful Sonoma Valley (Valley of the Moon), then topped with a heaping helping of our Sacred Daily Herbal Blend. Each large glass jar is totally awesome and comes with a beautiful wooden lid making a lovely accompaniment to your witches cabinet. 

Place in an offering bowl or place sevaral small offering bowls around your home and allow the magic of these natural herbal esssences to encompass your sacred space. Hand blended herbal spell blends are traditionally used in spell casting, crafting charms and talismans, for stuffing poppets, candle magic, as an offering or libation, for casting into your bonfire, ritual and ceremony. Use as a loose incense in your sacred burning vessel on a charcoal disk. Its essence will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors with a pure organic and aromatic all natural fragrance and magical intent. About a half teaspoon full burned on a charcoal disk will fill your space with it's mood transforming essence. 

The 28 ounce glass vessel measures 6 inches tall and is 4 inches wide. Its pretty darned big. And brimming with our ever changing Sacred Daily Herbal Blend. Are you up for a surprise? I promise you won't be disappointed.

Enjoy the magic of herbs! 

Nancy xo

★ My Herbal Spell Blends are not recommended for consumption, ingestion or for use as a tea blend. 
★ Please read our Policies Page for detailed information and our disclaimer regarding the use of our magical offerings.
"Gems of nature are the quintessential life force of aromatic botanicals, known as the "soul" of the plant." - Nancy




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