Sacred Geometry Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube with Mandala 7" Walnut Crystal Grid Altar Board

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This beautiful handmade grid is precisely etched on one side with either a Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube (your choice), and on the reverse, an original hand-drawn mandala etching.

Crystal grids are a powerful energy tool to use when focusing your desires, goals and intentions through the power of gemstones. Individual crystals have energy and capability, but by using a grid to combine the energies of multiple crystals, you will vastly increase their power and ability to amplify your focused intention by harnessing source energy.

Made from a hand-selected piece of gorgeous Walnut hardwood and finished with a silky-smooth clear satin enamel for durability. Each grid board measures 7" square x .375" thick.

This is a made-to-order item. The piece you receive will look very similar to the one shown in the photos, but of course, each individual piece of lumber will have a unique grain pattern.

Board only, crystals not included.

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