Selenite Helix Wands for Magic, Inscribing Candles, Directional Energy & Crystal Grids

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Who doesn't need a selenite wand? Everyone should have in their collection some type of selenite wand, as they are so useful in a myriad of spiritual, magical and directional workings. Selenite is a stone of psychic communication, clarity, divination and intuition, so it allows higher consciousness helping to expand spiritual awareness. A popular stone used by clairvoyants and mediums, selenite can help facilitate otherworldly communications, psychic workings with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved our ones.

Selenite is powerful stone and can be used to clear away any past or negative energies from other gemstones. The ideal stone to cleanse and clear away past energies attached to objects like heirloom jewelry and antique treasures. It is a amazing powerful directional stone and would make a great wand for calling the corners, opening and closing circles, directing energy through your crystal grids and directing spells and rituals.

A wonderful stone of protection, selenite brings about peace within the home and among its occupants. Its also known as a stone of fertility and has been a wonderful stone for pregnancy, serving as a protection amulet to insure safe delivery. Its also a great healing stone, helping to align the spinal column and promote flexibility. It is said that selenite guards against epileptic seizures. It improves flexibility, improves energy flow, and helps to balance the mind, body and spirit. The stone feels good in your hands, always warm to the touch.

These super polished slim Selenite Helix Wands have some really pretty sparkly inclusions. Each long wand measures 8' long and is about 1" wide.

Never immerse selenite in water, as it can be permanently damaged if exposed to water.
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