Ultra Powerful Banish Thy Neighbor Vanquishing and Protection Spell Kit

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It is most unfortunate that in the course of our lives, we are forced to live next to people who are living under the shadow of unhappy souls. As we do not wish any harm to anyone, there are ways to protect ourselves in the course and banish that which does not serve.

I have personally mixed and utilized this very Banish Thy Neighbor Spell in the past and it has proved to be very successful to keep a particular evil neighbor at bay and away from my sacred space. More importantly, away from my conscience mind and spirit. 

I have blended the most powerful and useful herbs known to the common witch used to protect and vanquish this negativity. I cannot disclose here, but a detailed list of ingredients is included with the kit. This is by far the most powerful banishing spell and concoction I’ve ever used and I am sure it will assist you in working your magic for you as well. 

The spell kit includes:

Banish Thy Neighbor Protection and Incense Herb Blend
One package of pure Dragons Blood Resin
One Black Votive scented with Dragons Blood and Sandalwood
Citrine Gemstones for Success and Protection
One charcoal disk
One Spell Scroll

The spell consists of two very powerful spells that were handed down to me by very experieced witches. This spell will work, however, remember that it is your intent that will assist in making the spell work its magic.

The cauldron pictured is not included, but we do have those available in the shop.

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1 Review

9th Oct 2011

They are moving!

I don't know what to say! I received the kit, and read the spell. Before the kit arrived, I've been chanting to have my bothersome neighbors move, and before I had a chance to use the kit, they are moving!! Just having the kit and reading the spell along with my chanting must have done the job! Thank you! All your items are beautiful, and I will be ordering from you again.... Blessings

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