Witches of Samhain Honey Heartwood Resin Pot

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WITCHES OF SAMHAIN ~ Beautifully blended with intent, Witches of Samhain is the ideal resin incense to burn during ritual on Samhain Eve, during divination workings to invoke spirits and ancestral connections between the worldly realms. We also celebrate the Witches New Year on 31st October, a time of change, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Samhain, is the most magical and important night of the year for Pagans, Wiccans and Celts throughout the world. Exactly opposite Beltane on the Wheel of the Year, Samhain is Beltane’s dark twin. The Samhain holiday begins at sundown October 31st when the veil between the worlds of humans and spirits is at its thinnest and the dead return to visit their kin. The modern world recognizes this holiday as Halloween.

Our all-natural Honey Heartwood Resin Pots are handmade blendings of natural Heartwoods, Saps, Resins, Herbs and Flowers and are Honey drenched with pure essential and essence oils that will encompass your sacred space with the mood transforming energy and magick of each intent.  

Resin incenses have been burned for centuries during ritual work to invoke the spirits. This magickal blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with a lovely pure and sweet natural fragrance. This aromatic sacred smoke is so powerful that just a few pieces burned on a disk will fill up your sacred space with a inspiring mood transforming essence.

Resin incenses are made to be burned on a charcoal disk in a cauldron or heat safe incense vessel. Its best to keep all incenses and oils safely tucked away from children and pets.

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