Witches Wisdom Teeth . Freshwater Pearl Pendant


These moon and water ruled Pearls are a symbol of purity, integrity and truth. They clear the mind creating a clear channel for spiritual wisdom. The Pearl helps connect to the Goddess and feminine energy and because of its association to water and lunar elements, it’s ideal for nurturing and balancing emotions. Pearl possesses very calming energy helping us attune to the ebb and flow of life. Because of their strong association to the moon, some will wear Pearls only at night.

Pearls are also very healing helping to stabilize hormones, chronic headaches and migraines, great for helping ease menopausal symptoms. They also are said to help ease stomach aches, bronchitis, lung infections and colds.

These are very unique in style and very pretty. Each freshwater Pearl is unique and of course, not perfect which makes them all that much more magickal interesting. Set in plated silver.

Each Pearl Pendant is unique and no two are the same. Listing is for one Witches Wisdom Tooth Freshwater Pearl Pendant, chain not included but they are available here at White Magick Alchemy should you need one. 

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