Yule Holiday Candle Tree for Winter Solstice with Pine, Cedar & Fir


It has long been tradition to set a tree inside the house during Winter Solstice celebrations honoring the woodland spirits. Bells were hung in the branches of these early Christmas Trees and their ringing would warn the household that woodland spirits were present. 

This Yule Candle Tree is the perfect addition to any Winter Solstice celebration either as a centerpiece for the table or to just to have around to add illumination during gatherings or to spruce up your holiday decor. For those with limited space, this is the perfect tree to use as your actual Yule Tree. Many of my customers request these trees long in advance of the season and enjoy using as their celebratory trees.

A star shaped candle layered is fused with gold, red and green, scented with traditional Yule fragrances of Pine, Cedar and Fir. It smells just like a holiday tree! A smokey blend perfect for Yuletide celebrations and highly scented to add a warm festive fragrance to your home during the dark winter's holiday season.

Each candle measures 2.5 inches at the base and tapers to 2 inches at the top and 6 inches tall, wrapped in a cello bag, tied with festive ribbons and tag.

Never leave candles burning unattended and keep away from children and pets.

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